Overview of Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program

How much of your IT budget is dedicated to maintaining legacy systems for accessing old data? Find out how a more flexible and relevant archiving strategy can provide indefinite access to that valuable information

A Fully Managed Restoration Service, Catalog Management, and Secure Tape Storage

Data Restoration

The Information You Need, When You Need It!

Offsite Tape Vaulting: Let you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your tape media is protected in highly secure and environmentally-controlled facilities.
Managed Restoration Services: A managed service with predictable costs that allows you to eliminate your resource-consuming legacy systems and decommission your assets while at the same time allowing you access to the data, guaranteed.
Data Restoration: Efficiently identify, restore and deliver data contained on your backup media.
Media Migration: Easily convert business data into the right formats for secure retention and easy access.
eDiscovery Processing: Quickly find what information resides on your legacy backup tapes when you need it.


  • Eliminates the costs (Maintenance and support) associated with maintaining legacy tape equipment.
  • Provides predefined Service Level Agreements (SLA) that guarantee costs and delivery timeframes in the event tapes require restoration.
  • Frees up data center space previously utilized by legacy equipment.
  • Permits redeployment of IT personnel previously charged with maintaining and restoring backup tapes.