Identify and Protect Vital Records to Avoid Business Icebergs

Vital records represent some of a firm’s most valuable document assets. And managing the collection, tracing, duplication and storage of these records, as well as providing easy and secure access, presents a tremendous challenge.

For some organizations, business continuity and preservation requirements specify that copies be maintained on alternative media for rapid access for up to 100 years. Vital records — clinical studies, production reports, research information, insurance policies — for regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, financial and energy, face especially stringent requirements.

These business requirements create several operational challenges:

  • Climate-controlled protection of hardcopy records to ensure preservation and maintain confidentiality.
  • Access to working copies of the original documents without an increase in cost or inadvertent disclosures.
  • Secure management of large volumes of active records in a distributed environment.
  • Management of multiple vendors for collection, transportation, conversion and storage.

Gain From Our Experience

Iron Mountain’s vital records management solutions provide a comprehensive approach to storing and accessing your vital records. We leverage industry leading technology, best practices and a rigorous chain of custody to ensure that your vital records are secure and that access is restricted to authorized employees only.

We provide special expertise in managing hybrid records (paper, digital and microfilm). Our conversion services can help you generate the necessary electronic copies of your company’s vital records, with the option to store electronic versions and create microfilm copies for long-term retention.

Iron Mountain can help you meet regulatory and business requirements by using some or all of these services:

  • Assistance in identifying vital records
  • Onsite collection and indexing of records
  • Transportation to a secure Iron Mountain records center
  • Digital conversion and categorization of records