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Coming Soon! Protect infrastructure not headed to the cloud while accelerating hybrid IT transformation. Ready for hyperscale, global enterprises and local businesses.
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Why Choose Our Frankfurt Data Center?

Coming soon: Iron Mountain Data Center in Frankfurt, Germany

Whether you are consolidating, establishing a hybrid IT environment, or simply addressing data center change, you can trust Iron Mountain. For specific colocation offering details, visit the Frankfurt colocation page.


Proven Track Record

Since 1951, Iron Mountain has been the trusted guardian for more than 225,000 customers including 95% of the Fortune 1000. The world’s most heavily regulated organizations have trusted us with their data centers since the 1980s.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce data center risk by choosing colocation services from Iron Mountain in Frankfurt, Germany. Receive comprehensive compliance support, federal-grade security, and the stability of an S&P 500 REIT with 1,400+ locations in 54 countries.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline digital transformation with the most logical venue for hybrid IT – our Frankfurt data center. Easily access cloud, telecom, and IT services providers. Plus, make remote management efficient with our software and smart hands.

Hyperscale Ready

Iron Mountain is developing 27 MW of critical power in Frankfurt. Delivery of the facility is expected soon to meet your hyperscale data center and colocation capacity needs.

Strategic Locations

Frankfurt is a top global data center market and the second largest in the European FLAP region. Scale your data center footprint with our portfolio of global data centers.

Network Connectivity

Frankfurt is home to one of the world’s largest internet exchanges. DE-CIX in Germany is a world-class peering exchange with hundreds of large networks available for customers.



Bit Refinery Logo


Bit Refinery - Big Data Hosting

Data Center Modules

Reliability, 100% Uptime, Security


Bit Refinery - a provider of VMware and Hadoop IaaS nationwide - wanted to expand its Hadoop IaaS offering in the Rocky Mountain region. To do so, it needed to find a data center that was secure, quickly scalable, and capable of keeping its dedicated servers up and running continuously.


Bit Refinery is now able to offer Hadoop hosting and managed services at rates 60-70% cheaper than competitors and has the security, liability and massive capacity to accommodate its current and future colocation requirements.


“Their network, power, and operations are unmatched. They have provided us with the stability, security, and flexibility we need to expand and shape our business.”
~Managing Partner, Bit Refinery



Services Offered at Our Frankfurt Data Center

Wholesale Data Center

Wholesale Data Centers

At our 7-acre campus in Denver, we have the ability to deliver build-to-suit wholesale dedicated data centers on campus. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our data center construction team.
Retail Colocation - Iron Mountain Cages, Cabinets & Suites

Colocation: Suites, Cages, Cabinets

FRA-1 will offer a wide range of Frankfurt colocation solutions ranging from individual cabinets to cages and suites. Address power densities of up to 20 kilowatts per cabinet, ideal for hyperconverged infrastructure and cloud.

Modular Data Centers - Iron Mountain

Modular Data Centers

Looking for a self-contained data center with power capacities in between a dedicated facility and colocation? Choose a MOD. These purpose-engineered units deliver PUE’s near 1.1, up to 52U cabinets, and design flexibility.
Hybrid IT Colocation - Cloud Access

Hybrid IT Enablement: Cloud Access

DEN-1 is a cloud-neutral colocation facility. Choose on-site access to clouds of various sizes and offerings and regional access to other direct connect locations.
Hybrid IT Colocation - Carrier Access

Hybrid IT Enablement: Carrier Access

Our Denver data center is also carrier-neutral, providing access to on-site tier 1 services providers as well as numerous others by way of dark fiber connectivity to regional carrier hotels.
Hybrid IT Colocation - IT Services

Hybrid IT Enablement: Services

Make hybrid IT change management easier with a wide range of data center services from Iron Mountain such as 24x7x365 remote smart hands, network services, migration services, and others.

Data Center Compliance Across the Globe

Data Center Compliance

Resources: Make Your Data Center Initiative More Effective

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