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Destroy your paper-based records, plastics and electronic media in a compliant, safe and cost-effective way.

Secure Shredding

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Don’t let your documents become a liability - Shred 

Iron Mountain Secure Shredding services protect the privacy of your information by destroying paper records and documents, plastics and media in a cost-efficient, safe and compliant way. And our online tools and on-demand reports covering key shredding metrics from usage to sustainability will help ensure efficiency and compliance.

  • Safeguard your organisation’s reputation by securely shredding sensitive and confidential paper documents.
  • Reduce costs by shredding documents no longer useful or necessary.
  • Ensure compliance by shredding documents in accordance with federal, state and industry regulations to avoid penalties, fines or legal action.
Whatever your needs and budget — Iron Mountain has a shredding service designed to help save you the time, effort and headache of managing
document shredding on your own.
Our secure shredding services can cater to your specific business needs. Talk to our experts to learn more
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