AI & ML capabilities powered by Google. Move ahead intelligently and confidently.
Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition


AI & ML capabilities powered by Google. Move ahead intelligently and confidently.
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Iron Mountain InSight® Enterprise Edition - Unlocking the potential of your information 

Most organizations recognize the potential of their data but struggle to uncover its value because they have too much unstructured and unclassified information, lack the internal resources and skills to analyze it, or both.

By combining Iron Mountain’s content analytics, data management and information governance expertise with Google Cloud’s Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, you can mine your data to uncover new revenue stream opportunities and cost savings.

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Iron Mountain InSight
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Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition is a cloud-native Content Services Platform that uses ML and AI to automatically classify, extract and enrich physical and digital content. The solution, delivered as a subscription service to lower the cost of ownership, speed time to value and help organizations continue their digital transformation journey, enables you to:


Drive value:

Apply neural networks and deep learning to deliver high-impact outcomes across a wide range of vertical market segments.
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Reduce the burden of integration:

A single platform from imaging through ML/AI classification and powerful visualization provides ML-based insights without the time and resources needed for an in-house program.

Enhance your business intelligence:

Achieve greater efficiencies, and reduce costs through automation.
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Quickly know what you have:

Machine learning-based classification and enrichment unlocks your dark data and makes it useful.
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Enable Information Governance:

Reduce risk by automatically applying and enacting retention, privacy and security policies.

Flexible Processing Pipeline

Iron Mountain InSight™ - Unlocking the potential of your information

With Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition, you can:

  • Ingest and process physical and digital information, and incorporate metadata from internal and external sources
  • Reveal previously unseen relationships between disparate information assets
  • Increase the efficiency of your highly skilled resources through self-learning ML/AI based processing
  • Intelligently view and interpret information to initiate appropriate actions
  • Organize large volumes of data to let you know what you have, and access it when you need it


Using Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition, analysts with no special training can maximize the value of their company’s visual assets—including scanned paper files or unstructured visual data from drone footage, downhole sensors or other internet-enabled field technology—with machine learning.

Data quality can be enhanced by matching known metadata and external databases to the assets, so they can be easily searched based on a range of metrics, including date prospected, well type, basin, GPS location and more. Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition's flexibility allows the analyst to search and inspect millions of visual assets in minutes, all accessible in an intuitive interface.

Using data types typically stored by the energy industry, the solution enables you to:
  • Identify and leverage all content associated with specific geolocations and the assets pertaining to the location in order to derive the valuation of the assets
  • Aggregate seismic imagery, geospatial analysis, contracts, applications, and documents to support data-based, high-value decision insights
  • Identify assets that potentially pose a risk to the organization, and to develop fingerprints of those assets as well as predictive models

Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition is ideal for geologists, geophysicist, and analysts wanting to consider every piece of data available when making critical decisions without wasting time on manual document preparation prone to potential human bias and errors.

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Optimize your records and information management program and protect and preserve your core samples.
Actionable Insights for the Energy Industry

Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition enables users in the Media and Entertainment industries without technical training to organize, search and find the assets they need through an intuitive interface. The distributed nature of today’s business environment can create an ecosystem of diverse systems with multiple data types from various data sources, including video, edit lists (EDLs), closed caption dialog and external data sources.

Leveraging its vast experience with the digitization and management of entertainment and media assets, Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition will classify those assets by type and organize the associated metadata as a single collection.

Using data types typically stored by the Media and Entertainment industry, the solution enables you to:
  • Use process automation to identify media assets, such as photographs, video and film and the relevant information contained within in minutes
  • Protect your brand by finding copyright content and violations in minutes
  • Segment content efficiently by standard vs. high-definition television (HDTV) ready content
  • Integrate existing repositories with external metadata (e.g. Shotgun) for one-stop search and discovery
  • Find matching shots between final editorial and original footage
  • Identify celebrity individuals such as sports figures and associated brand logo placement surrounding them in minutes instead of hours
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Media & Entertainment Services

Protect your most precious assets – and make them available for future generations. 
Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition for Media & Entertainment

Mortgage loan files can be hundreds of pages in length, encompassing numerous forms from buyers, lenders, mortgage servicers, state and local agencies and others.

While the mortgage industry has shifted much of the loan origination process online in recent years, many forms, especially those that require wet signatures, are still paper records. When you review a loan file for completeness, either at the time the loan goes to closing or during the default or refinancing process, you need to make sure every form is included in the loan file.

Using data types typically stored by the mortgage industry, such as loan documents, mortgage packages, spreadsheet data and external data sources, Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition enables you to:
  • Automate processes for loan file accuracy and completeness in compliance with regulatory requirements, including ensuring all loan and trailing documents are present, all documents are signed and no required fields are blank; and provides built-in inconsistency checks, such as mismatched social security numbers for a loan applicant
  • Assess compliance and diversification requirements and analyze your portfolio for market trends and white spaces per geographic region, applicant income levels or loan types, etc.
  • Facilitate loan origination and resell business processes while, at the same time, placing all content under consistent information governance policies
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Mortgage & Banking

Gain efficiencies while addressing changing financial services regulatory and privacy requirements. 
Actionable Insights for the Mortgage Industry

Contract management is vital to every business, whether it is sales contracts with customers, purchase agreements with vendors, NDAs that protect IP or employment contracts to manage your workforce. Inconsistent management of these contracts can lead to reduced profits, low productivity and damaged business relationships. Contracts are also often full of obligations with multiple amendments and being able to analyze these contracts is fundamental to providing advice to businesses managing risk, engaging with customers or confronted with an issue such as a data breach.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Iron Mountain InSight Enterprise Edition automatically classifies documents and extracts metadata from them. Adding structure to unstructured content enables business insights, data governance and powerful visual search that can make the process of finding contracts and specific information within them quicker and more precise.

  • Digitize your data within contracts so it can be easily searched and analyzed, enabling you to manage risks and provide accurate advice to clients
  • Apply data analytics to digitally accessible and searchable data stores to improve business decisions and processes
  • Reduce risk of data breach and data loss while improving project completion times by automating error-prone manual workflows
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Review your entire contract database and manage risk, while ensuring consistent oversight and accuracy among your contracts.
Actionable Insights and Analytics for Contracts

Organisations are trying to go “paper free”, but that isn’t fully possible when paper-based mail continues to arrive and your employees struggle to manage large volumes of inbound physical mail every month. Iron Mountain Digital Mailroom service is a subscription solution that allows you to eliminate paper at your ‘front door.’ You’ll be able to:

  • Easily and quickly search your mail from one central, secure location.
  • Improve collaboration with approval workflow capabilities
  • Enable remote access to employees
  • Manage predictable costs through our subscription service.

Once you’ve notified postal services to redirect your mail, our team of experts receive, register, sort and open your inbound physical mail in our secure facilities. As part of the scanning preparation, we will work with you to determine what you’d like to do with junk and misdirected mail as well as return mail processing.

Iron Mountain scans, indexes and ensures quality control to meet your document conversion requirements. Leveraging optical character recognition (OCR) technology, the contents of your documents are completely searchable by text or index, available for your PDF, TIFF, Office documents, and logos in 50+ languages. Once your mail is digitized, you can securely store, search and access it in our Content Services Platform, Iron Mountain InSight®.

During the digitisation process, metadata is extracted, making it easy and efficient to search and find critical information. We will work with you to streamline your mail distribution to individual or group digital mailboxes. User roles combined with metadata access rules ensure the mail is being viewed by the correct people. Your team will have web and mobile access to your digitised mail, ensuring timely access for remote workers. Collaboration is easy with versioning and commentary options. Audit tracking functionality helps ensure compliance to processes you have in place.

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Iron Mountain® Digital Mailroom Service

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